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|-Estrus-| {A Declaration of Heat & Lust}

{artwork by Luis Royo©}

...i am so lost...
i need someone to be kind
and direct me
in this primeval wilderness
...i don't know what to do with myself....
Blatant trivial obscenity
the radiant chasm closes itself -
i seek Your veil
trying desparately to shield myself
from Your brightness,
i kneel at Your feet, adoring You.
my gestures are of unbearable longing
i would clasp You, could i but
touch the earth.
with an inhuman groan, i bury my face in my hands
the silence and the vacancy in my eyes mock me
i tear at my naked chest
my brain ripps, but cannot open wide enough to see
everything remains as before
and i hear yet again the cries of the unknown
laughing in my fucking face.
i have no desire to control myself
my mind seems rigidly calm
my body is dead
yet vivid around me
...my Dark Angel...
beautiful positive to captivate my negative
slide Your warm arms around me
...our bodies slithering as leaves in the wind...
let me rest in You, as in a cradle of air
as a shadow rests in the arms of the wind
as a shadow rests in the light.
my Golden Tiger, who never halts
cumms marching on feet of emerald satin
with a smooth velvet tongue
that drips blandness like the light of a crimson moon.
He loves the feel of bone, clean as stone, smooth as milk,
the brittle ache of bone He has caressed.
You came out of a night
like powdered blue plush
You lash me softly...
..Your beautiful eyes glow into mine..
You are a sun at midnight
You remind me of grapes in hoar frost.
by ~*Rain~*© Copyright 2005, All rights Reserved.

by ~*Rain~*© Copyright 2003, All rights Reserved.